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                                    VIDYA PRASARAK MANDAL is a pioneer educational institution registered under Public Trust Act  on 1st Aug, 1935  with Charity Commissioner, Bombay, under registered no.F (5)-T.
      The primary school started by Shri Trimbak R. Ghanekar on 7th April, 1932 was later registered with local Board as Khasgi  Marathi Shala in 1933-34.  Vidya Prasarak Mandal had taken over  this school in 1935.  The school started growing and the space required for accomodation of the classes had become grave and the school started its journey from Sahasrabuddhe bungalow, Brahmin Society office, Gokhale chawl and so on.
      On 29th Sept, 1957 the present Trustee of Vidya Prasarak Mandal Dr.V.N.Bedekar and his colleagues Late Mr. G.N.Joshi, T.M.Phadke, Savlaram Patil, Prof.K.G.Kunte, Shri R.S.Bhagwat  took the hold of this Mandal from the hands of the then President Mr.D.P.Athavale, Pleader.  They first prepared Constitution.
       On   21-10-1958, Vijyadashmi day first new building of Dr.Bedekar Vidya Mandir was opened at the hands of honourable Mr.S.M.Joshi.  On 1st   June, 1958 the Secondary Section of this school started functioning under the  Principal Shri D.W.Tillu (Ex-Vice President of Vidya Prasark Mandal).  This section started growing very fast and the first batch of the students was sent to S.S.C. Exam in June, 1960.

      In the year 1968 the Mandal had decided to enter the college education and accordingly they had approached the govt of Maharashtra for the land.  The State government had gifted  a piece of  13.5 acres of land in the Thane creek area.  The development of that land was difficult due to the marshy land.  After filling up the land the Mandal had started the construction of Arts college building on 25th Jan,1969.  The then revenue minister of Maharashtra State Mr.Balasaheb Desai had given a helpful hand to Mandal in getting the land and it was possible only because of the efforts of the then  Vice-President Mr.P.Savlaram.   For constructing the Arts college building Mr.K.G.Joshi had donated Rs.1 lac to Mandal,  and hence the college is named as K.G.Joshi college of Arts, while Smt.Savitribai Bedekar donated Rs.1 lac for commerce college  and that college is known by her husband's name as theN.G.Bedekar college of commerce.  For the construction of the  science college the then Chief Minister of Goa, Shri Bhausaheb Bandodkar has generously donated Rs.3.20 lacs, and the college is therefore known by his father's name as B.N.Bandodkar college of science.  All the colleges were originally affiliated to Pune University but later on in 1975 they were affiliated to Bombay University.  The First Principal of Joint Arts,Commerce and  Science collge was Prof.K.G.Bedekar while the First Principal of ouly Arts and Commerce college  after science college bifurcated in 1975  was Prof.S.D.Mulgaonkar.  Principal of Science  Collge was Prof.M.D.Nadkarni.

      The students who desired to go for higher studies after getting the degree, Mandal had decided to go for Law college and with the help of Thane Municipal Council,  The TMC Law College was started in 1972.  The first Principal of the Law College was Prof.B.D.Taskar.  Similarly, Institute of Management Studies was started in 1973 with two years post graduate diploma in Management Studies of Bombay University  along with the other autonomous diploma/certificate courses.

     The need of English Medium School was felt and with the help of donation given by Mr.S.K.Joshi,  "Sau.Anandibai Keshav Joshi English Medium School"  started functioning under the Head Mistress Mrs.Roshan Patel in 1976.
     In 1981-82,  Mandal had decided to go for Polytechnic and due to efforts of Ex-Chairman  Shri R.K.Gokhale, Mandal could get the sanction of  Maharashtra Technical Board to start the following 4 courses with the total capacity of 180 students.

1)  Electronic Power system         
2)  Industrial Electronics
3)  Chemical Engineering
4)  Instrunmentation technology.

     VPM"s Polytechnic started working on 3rd september, 1983.  The first Principal of the Polytechnic was
Shri K.G.Vaze.    A beautiful and breezy auditorium with O.H.D., L.C.D. panel and other facilities of 300 seating capacity with specious canteen is built by Mandal on college campus in 1993.  The auditorium is named as "Thorle Bajirao Peshwe Sabhagriha" on 25th December, 1997.

     A book of   Mandal"s  Sixty years history  was published in December, 1997.  The book was written by the Secretary Shri A.D.Tillu and it was edited by Prof.M.S.Pathak.


                      Along with many prizes to the school /college students Vidya Prasarak Mandal also gives Late Shri D.W.Tillu Science Scholarshipof Rs.1000/- every year to the Post graduate student of Medical/ENgineering/Science. 

      In  Bhave Rashtriya Vyakhanmala  Mandal arranges a lecture  every year of a renowned person on burning National issues.   Mandal had started  its magazine 'Disha'  in July, 1996 under the editorship of  Dr.Vijay V.Bedekar, a member of the managing committee.

     On 21st February, 1998,  Mandal had started   "Internet Facility" in college campus for the benefit of college students/professors.  On 16-8-98 the Mandal has undertaken  the project of Library automation.

Mandal has so far spent about Rs.4,24,00,000/- on construction of school and college buildings.

MANDAL'S  ARCHITECTS  :-  1)  Shri S.H.Godbole
                                                       2)  Shri Dharap
                                                       3)  Shri V.G.Pansare
                                                            2)  Shri S.V.Kale

Financial aids are availed of by the Mandal from the following Banks :

1)  Bharat Sahakari Bank Ltd
2)  Canara Bank
3)  Bank of India
4)  Bank of Baroda
5)  Rupee Co.Op.Bank Ltd

                 Many ex-students of the school/colleges have achieved the higher and respectable positions in central/state government and other institutions in various fields of life.  Mandal is proud of all of them.

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