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                Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Thane has got a lot of projects coming up in the near future and quite of them in progress such of Digitalisation of the Campus libraries which will enable and give them Internet Connectivity through a proxy server and Intranet facility. Also there are a lot of short term programs which include Workshops , exhibitions, Seminars which are to be held in the Thorale Bajirao Peshwa Sabhagruha, which is in the College campus itself . The previous seminar  was held on Sunday, 16th day of August , 1998 at the same venue. It was WORKSHOP ON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND LIBRARY AUTOMATION. The next seminar which is on 20th of September is WORKSHOP ON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND LAW. It is related with the Law and how Information Technology can be helpful. Also an exhibition relating to Information Technology Computers and Internet is going to be organised by the mid of October. Details of all these projects will be available shortly.

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