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M a s t e r   o f   L a w ( LL.M.)



                        The course for LL.M. is conducted by the Mumbai University. Candidates admission has to obtain application form for admission directly from the University Office.  Student has to submit the application form duly filled-in directly to the University Office.  The University will afterwards scrutinize the application and select the candidates for grant of admission to LL.M. Course.  Then the University will send the list of Selected Candidates to all Law Colleges in Mumbai which are affiliated to the University.

                    Each college is authorised to admit only five students per group for which it has Recognised Post-graduat teacher. The remaining selected candidates have to take admission in the University Department of Law,  Students admitted by this college LL.M. Course are entitled to get the benefit of Library facilities of this college.

                    Lectures for LL.M. students ( whether the students have been admitted in the College or in the University Department of Law ) will be arranged by the University in the University premises.

                    The duration of the Course of study for the degree of LL.M. is of Two years.  A student is permitted to take any two groups out of eight groups given below, one each per year.

                    The scheme for the examination for LL.M. Degree by papers shall be as under and each of the papers in the respective group shall carry 100 marks.

                  Group I                         Legal Theory.
                Group II                         International Law.
                Group III                       Property Law.
                Group IV                       Commercial Law - I
                Group V                        Constitutional Law and Adminstrative Law.
                Group VI                       Personal Law.
                Group VII                      Commercial Law - II
                Group VIII                     Law of Crimes.
                Group IX                        Environmental Laws.
                Group X                         Consumer Protection Law.
                Group XI                        Human Rights.

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