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          Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Thane has been a leader in the field of education as well as other fields and aspects. The poineers of this institute and the people behind making and flourishing of this  
 "kalpavruksh " ( huge tree ) are the Board members. With their strong will power and dedication it was possible for this institution to develop into a biggest educational, social and cultural center in Thane city  
and the suburbs.  

The Trustees : 
Dr. V N Bedekar
Shri Hasmukhbhai T Thanawala
Shri Shriniwas K Joshi
Shri S V Vengurlekar
The President :         Vice PresidenT :
      Dr V N Bedekar         Dr.SavlaramPatil   
Managing Commitee :
Shri S V Karandikar  ( Chairman )
Shri A D Tillu ( Secretary )
Shri V N Marathe ( Treasurer )
Shri L G Deo  ( Joint Secretary )
Shri D B Kharde
Shri M N Patil 
Dr Vijay V Bedekar
Shri U B Joshi 
Shri D G Joshi
Shri M Y Gokhale
Dr A N Bapat
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